Company introduction         Zouping Aolifeng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., professional company that specialized in design,development,manufacture and sale of spray painting equipment,industrial coating coating...

Add:Zouping Shandong Economic Development Zone

Zibo Wanjia garden wood fire products Co。 Ltd。

Beijing Lidong Shengshi Decoration Co. Ltd.

Tianjin Longjia special doors and windows Co。, Ltd.

Qingdao liangmu group

Tianjin Longxiang Door Co., Ltd。

Qingdao Weisheng

The development of "Ollie Feng" science and technology to create a new road
"Ollie Feng" to be aggressive in the competition the strong
Realistic "Ollie Feng" with a pragmatic spirit return to society
The development of "Ollie Feng" continue to achieve the goal of development to a higher level

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