How to choose paint room
       The choice of an appropriate paint room, not only can the maximum extent to meet the paint on the requirements of high level, so we can spray a perfect body paint in the shortest possible time, but also to the paint Master bring security, healthy, bright, comfortable working environment. So, what kind of paint baking room is qualified?
Generally speaking, the quality from the following aspects of baking room is measured:

1 bright. In general

       paint room insight brightness required to achieve 800 ~ looO lux, and require the use of close to D65 light source lighting, at the same time the room walls should be matte white;

 2 air flow.

Paint the room air from top to bottom and uniform flow, the flow rate was 0。2 ~ 0。3m / s;

3 filtering effect。

      This should see paint roof cotton type, general repair factory with the use of G600 and G700 two models, can use in paint room in the room with a sunlamp irradiation distally, usually per square meter of very small dust should be less than 4 wall seal effect.

      Paint room must be sealed, and in the seams should not paint dust accumulation;

5 ensure positive pressure。

      The air flow into the baking room should be slightly larger than the volume of the air, the paint baking room is kept under positive pressure state;The sealing effect of the

6 heating system.

      Good sealing should be around the burner and chimney, can not appear the putty after combustion;

7 heating rate.
       Paint room from 2O DEG to 6O DEG C for time is about lO ~ l5min, it should also be noted that some thermometer is inaccurate paint room, temperature measurement to the metal body paint room temperature shall prevail.
Use and maintenance of baking room
      If your choice of paint room to meet the above conditions, it is a ideal paint room. But in the course of using cumulative, many paint master reflect poor quality paint room, room more dust, construction effect is poor, and even some time than in outdoor effect. In fact, as long as we can correctly use and maintain the paint room, these problems can be completely avoided. The preparation of the role, can be ideally finish on the workpiece spray paint and paint mist purifying purpose.

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