How to realize the sustainable development of environmental protection equipment industry
      In recent years, the development tendency of environmental protection equipment market China good, environmental protection equipment industry has become an important field of. The present stage our country industry mainly in low-end products, high-end products and key components have not yet been realized localization.
      China environmental protection equipment market prospects, environmental protection equipment industry is developing rapidly, regardless of the number of products or production scale has increased and the leap type development, sales and exports grow with each passing day. However, continue to attract foreign environmental protection equipment enterprise eyes Chinese huge consumer market, more and more environmental protection equipment Multi-National Corporation appear on the market Chinese.
       China's environmental protection equipment industry should play as the traditional industry base advantage, and constantly promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, improve the competitiveness of the market for high-end products, the early realization of transformation from labor-intensive to technology intensive industries, shortening and international environmental protection equipment industry advanced level gap.
      Traditional industrial production products is necessary for daily life and production, new industry is also mostly rely on traditional industry developed. Our industry has the foundation of advantage. However, with the development of the times, the traditional industry needs to keep pace with the times, industrial transformation and seek new development, no backward industries, only the backward mode of production. Environmental protection equipment enterprises should enhance the consciousness of innovation, cultivating the formation of professional R & D team, vigorously develop the high-end product development technology, the early realization of localization of high-end products; the optimization of the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading; the development of industrial clusters, enhance industry colony competitive advantage; a solid domestic market, actively explore foreign markets.
      Today, the development of environmental protection equipment industry increasingly mature, how to make the industry have sustainable productivity and competitiveness is the development of the industry, the survival of the enterprise must consider the problem. In the fierce market competition at home and abroad, environmental protection equipment industry should maintain its own advantages, continue to break the bottleneck of development, so as to grasp the market power of discourse and the initiative, to achieve sustainable development.

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