Intensive policy gradually air plant environmental protection equipment industry high growth period can be frequent high-level dividend policy
       On August 27th, Premier Li Keqiang deployment of ecological environmental protection of pension service, adjusting the structure and promoting development, push to upgrade.
      The 2014 Summer Davos forum will be held in Tianjin as prime minister, Li Keqiang attended the Davos forum and entrepreneurs on behalf of dialogue said, China since last year has been the implementation of the prudent monetary policy, not  rely on strong stimulation to promote economic development, but to rely on a strong reform to invigorate the market.
      Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued "on the adjustment of the sewage fee collection standards related issues notice" requirement, by 2015 6 before the end of the month, adjust the sewage, the sewage fee collection standards for major pollutants in exhaust gas, improve the collection rate, the implementation of differentiated the sewage charging policy, set up effective restraint and incentive mechanism in order to promote enterprise pollution emission reduction.
       Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council "atmospheric pollution prevention and control law of the people's Republic of China (Draft)" to the public for comments. The provisions of the draft, China will establish a heavy pollution weather monitoring and warning system, the implementation of emission permit system, at the same time, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, motor vehicle, prominent coal-burning dust and other key areas and key areas.
       "For those who need support to enterprises, industries, it is thirsty, we should give it some water to drink, this also not is to stimulate." The State Council Premier Li Keqiang said. He pointed out that China since last year has been the implementation of the prudent monetary policy, not rely on strong stimulation to promote economic development, but to rely on strong reform to stimulate the vitality of the market. It is difficult to avoid short-term fluctuations in the reasonable interval of economic operation process, is expected this year things, main targets for the Chinese economy is able to complete the.
       Li Keqiang also said that in order to handle the relationship between pollution and stable growth, China will in the development of protection, in the protection of the development, the key is to eliminate backward industries, the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry emerging, for energy conservation and environmental protection industries, emerging to run through the elimination of backward industry speed, hope that the entrepreneurs to participate in the development of China's energy-saving environmental protection industry, this is the future of a huge market in china.

The theme of environmental protection investment or meet a "golden period"
      Environmental protection industry is listed as the first seven strategic emerging industry, its development space is evident. According to the State Department in 2013 issued "on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry views", established the energy-saving environmental protection industry in 2015, the total output value reached 4.5 yuan, and develop to be novel targets for the development of the pillar industries of the national economy.
      Analysts believe that the policy is an important force to promote the environmental protection industry development, the essence and the eighteen big reports put forward the concept of "beautiful China" is the construction of ecological civilization, which is the most direct beneficiaries of environmental protection industry. It is because of the favorable policies brought about by the trillions of investment opportunities, development of the environmental protection industry is very broad space. The future will be more environmental protection policies and regulations, these are the catalyst for the development of environmental protection industry.
      That well-known investment institutions, with the "1025" emission reduction into the closing stages of the future national increasing investment in environmental protection trend is clear, on the one hand, the follow-up investment or will further to the field of environmental protection industry tilt, expected future industry growth is expected to maintain a high level. On the other hand, the listing Corporation continued rapid growth in the high uncertainty, the performance for the supporting role of valuation is quite obvious, Niugu or will still continue to emerge.
      "The theme of environmental protection investment or will usher in the best" golden period ", on the one hand with the recent intensive release, the history of the most stringent most give force to the national environmental policy gradually implement the environmental protection industry in the future high growth period. On the other hand, the environmental protection industry profit growth is always higher than that of the market as a whole, the performance for the supporting role of valuation is quite obvious, coupled with the current valuation levels below the historical average, many high-quality environmental protection enterprises still have a higher investment value." The fund investment institutions responsible person said.

The third party governance "autumn" has been to
      "On the adjustment of the sewage fee collection standards related issues notice" requirements, before the end of 2016, all the monitoring of national key enterprise must realize automatic monitoring data according to the approved sewage charges; vigorously promote government purchasing professional service from the third party, by the third party is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the source of pollution automatic monitoring facilities, to ensure that the monitoring data of real, accurate.
      Industrial water treatment: from the view of economy violation cost promotion and industrial enterprise itself, industrial water treatment of outsourcing to the third party is a big trend, industrial waste water third party processing into the rapid development period, and is currently in the initial stage of development.
      Hazardous waste management, industrial hazardous waste harmless t gap is big and environmental assessment and supervision under the background of increasing, governments will accelerate the large-scale hazardous waste t center project, hazardous waste t third party leading with complete business qualification as well as capital, technology, operation experience advantage, will occupy the industry development opportunities.
      Municipal water treatment: at present sewage treatment plant the approximately half the number is still the government operation, in the fiscal compact and the reality of upgrading and reconstruction under the pressure, there will be more and more items sold to the third party Professional Company, entered the market operation of the market, Xialong enterprises head this trend have greater potential to integrate.
      From each sub field of environmental protection industry, the current competition pattern of each industry is relatively dispersed, there are a large number of low level of technology and operation effect of poor business; the introduction of the new standards for the collection, facing this kind of company the cost of greater upward pressure on profits or influenced by leading enterprises, to bring the mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the market share opportunity.

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