Technical parameters of spray paint room
Need to use close to D56 light source lighting, at the same time the room walls should be matte white;
A: filtering effect see paint roof cotton type, use the spray paint room, in the room with a sunlamp irradiation on
B: bright insight, spray painting room brightness required to achieve eight hundred to one thousand lux, and the Department of;
C: wall sealing effect, spray paint room must be sealed, and in the seams should not paint dust accumulation;
D: ensure the positive pressure air flow into the spray paint room should be slightly larger than the volume of the air, so that the spray paint room maintained at a positive pressure state;
    The sealing effect of E: heating system, good sealing should be around the burner and chimney, can not appear the putty after combustion.
     These data also can be used as the basis for purchase of spray painting room, communication from the heart to love, service delivery, customer needs beyond satisfaction, than do better, we have been pursuing, look forward to your arrival, wholeheartedly at your service!

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